Marble Hill bulk beef buys can offer families several advantages and superior taste! While it may not be for everyone, those who experience the benefits often never go back to supermarket beef. The difference in taste is remarkable, and the convenience of always having high-quality beef on hand is one few will give up. Imagine a typical weeknight in the kitchen and the question of what to make for dinner…you open the fridge-freezer and see some frozen veggies, a pizza, but nothing suitable for a family meal. Instead of making a store run for some factory-farmed hamburger you simply head to the deep freeze in the basement or garage. Now, because you bought that quarter beef, your choice for dinner is between a pasture-raised T-bone steak, juicy 100% all-natural burgers, or maybe some stirfry beef and veggies. Yep, that Marble Hill bulk beef buy was the smart decision!

Feeding your family 100% all natural meats can be more affordable just as buying anything else in bulk. Buying a 1/4, 1/2 or whole share will be significantly less than buying the same amount over time in smaller quantities. You just need to make a small investment in a freezer and have a place for it. Many agree it is a small price to pay for eating the best, most nutrient-dense, toxin-free meat available.

In addition to the savings, Marble Hill beef buys mean you get it all! Everything from ground beef to succulent steaks, roasts, and stew meat better than you’ve ever gotten from the supermarket. You’ll be able to expand your meal planning by trying different cuts of meat you might otherwise have never considered. And if you prefer more ground beef than stew meat, no problem. Want your steaks 2 inches thick – not a problem, either! Custom processing with your Marble Hill bulk beef buys means you get to choose your cut preferences and that is what you get. You’ll also get otherwise unavailable extras, like soup bones and fat – two of the most important ingredients in nutrient-rich, flavorful cooking. You’ll never taste a better soup than one that starts with stock from those soup bones!

If knowing where your food comes from, how the animal was raised, who raised it, and how it was processed is important – then a Marble Hill bulk beef buys are for you!  Unlike buying meat at the grocery store, which means each cut comes from many different locations and animals – buying by the quarter, half or whole means all your beef comes from one animal, one farm. Plus, you support local farmers who sell their product directly to you and help make small-scale farming profitable so you continue to enjoy the results of their efforts.

Marble Hill Bulk Beef Buys Tips

Depending on your cutting preferences selected during the ordering process, a quarter beef will typically yield the following:

  • Marble Hill Bulk Beef Buys

    Quarter Beef Buy in these two boxes.

    43 lbs. of hamburger
  • 3 large Sirloin Steaks
  • 7 Chuck Roasts
  • 4 Porterhouse Steaks
  • 6 T-Bone Steaks
  • 9 Ribeye Steaks
  • 4 Sirloin Tip Steaks
  • A tenderized round steak
  • 3 packs of stew meat
  • A tied and rolled Rump Roast
  • Some soup bones

Of course, weights vary from animal to animal and people who enjoy farm-direct meat in bulk quickly become accustomed to small uncertainties regarding weight. The minimum number of pounds of meat per quarter is used to price your bulk buy. So usually, the yield is slightly higher and the customer receives a little more than what was actually purchased.

Freezers come in four basic sizes and the rule-of-thumb is to multiply the number of people in your family by 2.5 cubic feed to help determine storage needs. Even a compact freezer will hold approximately 175 lbs. of meat, plenty of space for a quarter beef. If you don’t have room for a compact freezer, consider splitting a quarter with a friend or family member.

  • Compact = 5 cubic feet
  • Small = 6-9 cubic feet
  • Medium = 12-18 cubic feet
  • Large = 18+ cubic feet

Cut Preferences

When selecting your cut preferences during an order, be sure to have your roasts cut into manageable sizes. Roasts that are 3 to 4 pounds are usually adequate, and if you’re feeding a crowd two will fit in a large crockpot or roaster. For smaller families one roast can be used for two meals – leftover roast beef sandwiches means a “no-cook” day tomorrow! Mix up the sizes of your ground beef packages into 1 and 2 pounds. That way, you can pull out what you need when you need it. Ask for “kabob” cuts so you get chunks of great steaks, roasts, etc. instead of an abundance of stew meat and ground beef. These kabob cuts are great for quick meals on the grill and, while some may not be the most tender cuts, marinating will solve that issue.

100% Grass-Fed vs. Grass-Fed and Grain-Finished

While 100% grass-fed beef is naturally leaner – it does not taste the same as grass-fed, grain-finished beef. The meat tends to have a “grassy taste” and is not as tender or juicy. It should also be cooked a little differently because of these factors. Ozark Prime Beef ranchers “finish off” their steers by feeding grain just prior to harvest. This is done for a few reasons. First of all, it adds that nice, flavorful marbling to the meat without compromising nutritional value. Secondly, depending on the time of year, there may be no grass left to graze on. Ozark Prime Beef animals have been pasture-raised, spring-watered, and fed grass for the majority of life, then grain-finished – so you’re buying the best quality and flavor available from an animal raised with great care.

Hanging Time for Aged Beef

Meat from the butcher shop usually hangs for 7 to 14 days, but Ozark Prime Beef is dry aged for 28 days. Longer aging gives a better flavor and increases the tenderness. The beef does not spoil when aged, as it is kept cold and the air around the hanging side is constantly moving to dry the surface quickly. This makes it inhospitable to microorganisms and allows the meat enzymes naturally present to break down muscle tissue slowly tenderizing and becoming far more flavorful than fresh meat. 

By comparison, meat from the grocery store is “wet-aged” which means aged in plastic shrink-wrap. Wet-aged beef can taste slightly metallic and lacks the depth of flavor. Whereas dry-aged beef is described as having that roasted, nutty flavor associated with a great steakhouse cut of meat. Marble Hill bulk beef buys mean you enjoy dry-aged steakhouse-quality beef with every bite!