About Us

What it takes to raise quality beef.

Ozark Prime Beef is aware most people rushing through the grocery store to buy meat don’t always think about the care that goes into raising farm animals. We get that.

As farmers, we take our responsibility to our animals, our land and what we produce very seriously. It is a 24/7 job that demands constant devotion through good times and bad weather.

We focus on well-being from both a quality standpoint and because we love raising our animals. We enjoy our farming lifestyle and what we produce feeds our own families. So, our heart and soul goes into it. We aim to share what we enjoy…with you.

Our Promise to You

Our Ozark Prime Beef is 100% all natural, raised the way nature intended.

Ozark Prime Beef

100% Natural

Our animals are raised in pastures with fresh water, green grass and no exposure to antibiotics or growth hormones. 


Nutrient Rich

Grass-fed, grain-finished beef is leaner, higher in key nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, and CLAs.


High Quality

Our beef is minimally processed with no artificial flavors or flavoring, coloring, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.


Aged Beef

Aged 28 days before processing, because aging is critical to ensure flavor and tenderness.


Only The Best Quality Beef

Here in the foothills of the Ozarks many smaller family farms produce more quality beef than what is needed for their own families. 

Ozark Prime Beef pairs modern technology with traditional farming to provide access for ordering high-quality beef online. Producers in the network are pre-qualified to meet or exceed our standards before their beef chapter is listed. This means you can buy with confidence and skip the search and vetting process. We’ve done it for you.

Order grass-fed beef online from trusted sources so your family can enjoy the same high-quality as if you raised it yourself.

Our Network

Local family producers make up our network and ordering quality beef is simple.

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