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Buying a whole, half or quarter beef is something many people think about but discard as a good option because it sounds more complicated than buying from the local grocery store. Encouraging and assisting local purchase from smaller farms helps everyone involved. 

Locally grown beef creates important economic opportunities, provides health benefits and helps to reduce environmental impact. People agree local food tastes better, last longer, and it helps bring the community together by extending the opportunity to make a difference. You can realize peace-of-mind knowing exactly where your food comes from, and how it was raised. Local beef producers can focus on their farms instead of trying to market their beef.

We take the complication out of the equation and make it easy for anyone to buy beef online. There are four easy steps to follow…

Buy Whole, Half or Quarter Beef

Browse our site and choose a prime beef chapter from a farm that appeals to you and offers the price and cutting preferences you like. Every farm in the network is showcased with a bio so you can select based on methods or location that appeals to you. Choosing your cutting preferences takes a few clicks and we offer great recipes for cuts with which you might be less familiar. Take a few minutes to browse our Recipes to explore delicious options with full nutrition labels, meal planning, and shopping list features. We also provide articles for different cooking methods and techniques we hope you’ll find interesting!

Decide if you want to buy a whole, half or quarter beef – depending on your needs, eating habits, and size of your family. Buying a portion of a beef is not for everyone due to the yield, so it may be more efficient to share a half or quarter beef with friends or family members. Payment methods include the option to pay a deposit and spread the balance between order date and receipt of your processed order. This can be a matter of weeks or months – based on the chapter selected.

Pick up your order from the processor (if local), or have it shipped directly to you – and fill your freezer. The amount of meat in a whole, half or quarter beef varies depending on bone-in vs. boneless cuts, the amount of fat remaining on the cuts, and beef genetics. Customers buying quarters get a good selection of cuts from all the primal sections of a beef. Cuts are standardized to ensure that both customers sharing a side get a true split of the variety of cuts. Approximately one cubic foot of freezer space for every 15-20 pounds of meat is needed. Example: a half beef requires a 7 cubic ft. freezer.

Enjoy high-quality, 100% natural beef raised without confinement the way nature intended – then processed and aged to deliver delicious taste. You’ll discover the benefits of selection, quality, economy, customer service, and cost from producers in the Ozark Prime Beef network!

Buy Whole, Half or Quarter Beef from Ozark Prime Beef
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