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Quality beef is a key component, but it is not the only driving force. Ozark Prime Beef founder, Keith Brotherton, is a life-long resident of Bollinger County with a level of commitment for the land and his livestock that few unfamiliar with farm life understand. His level of care is evident by the sacrifices made for the welfare of his cattle and demonstrated by the details that bring them comfort. Farmers tend to take better care of their animals than themselves sometimes, and Keith is no different.

He is no stranger to hard work, but whether sitting on a tractor, building a fence, tending the cattle, or doing any one of several other chores – time spent on the farm is the most rewarding. The satisfaction of a productive day spent cutting hay or watching his calves mature, is part of what makes it all worthwhile.

Quality Beef Produced by Ozark Prime Beef Founder & Network Producers

Keith and “Waylon” after a long day at the farm.

Sustainable Practices + Healthy Cattle = Quality Beef

Cattle contribute to the survival of humans and have for many thousands of years. Consumption of beef is an indicator of socio-economic status and food preference. Americans today eat a lot of beef – an estimated 79.3 pounds per person and the U.S. is fourth on the list of per capita beef consumption worldwide. The next several years appear to favor increasing desire as trends and tastes continue to favor beef. 

For most cattle farmers, it is the raising of the cattle that is the most rewarding – not just the bottom line of profitability. Like most farmers, Keith forms attachments to his cattle and cares for them by providing five freedoms of animal welfare: 1) freedom from hunger and thirst; 2) freedom from discomfort; 3) freedom from pain, injury or disease; 4) freedom to express normal behavior; and 5) freedom from fear and distress. Going the extra mile for the care of his animals is an important part of ensuring beef is delivered safely from the farm to your fork.

While Keith is a cattle farmer, as with most farming operations he is also an investor in land. The land where his cattle graze is beautiful, with a view across the valley and a pond at the bottom of a hill on which his rustic cabin sits. Farming is not his primary occupation and some evenings after a day at work, Keith comes to the farm, sits on the hill, and just watches the cows and their calves. According to the agricultural census, more than half of all farmers say it is not their primary occupation – it is something they do because they enjoy it, or it is a family tradition they want to continue.

Keith has a tremendous commitment to producing healthy, quality beef and knows other farmers equally passionate and hoping to maintain family farms for future generations. The dramatic expansion of industrial agriculture has made it increasingly difficult for small family farmers to stay in business, and when they shut down – they are not being replaced. The revival of fresh, healthy eating that is occurring means more farmers are selling their products directly to the public. It is very gratifying to provide beef to people who appreciate what is being raised on family farms, but it is also time-consuming and challenging to both farm and market one’s products.

Founded to Promote Quality

Ozark Prime Beef was founded to help introduce those who produce and those who wish to consume quality beef raised sustainably and treated humanely. This network of small family farmers is committed to the most natural and compassionate approach to raising cattle and dedicated to providing the healthiest, most nutritious meat.

This website exists to make certain you have easy, uncomplicated access to higher quality beef. It is designed to help you every step of the way – from selecting cuts you may not be familiar with, to figuring out freezer space, to exploring new cooking methods, and more.

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