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If you’ve ever thought about how to buy beef online, the first concern was probably how to find a reputable source. Most folks that buy whole, half or quarter beef are referred to a local farmer by someone they know and trust. But what if you want to buy beef online? Maybe you don’t have access to local farmers in your area, and no one you know has ever bought “nose to tail” – let alone is knowledgeable enough to vet a potential source.

Sourcing Beef Online

Surveys show many of us, given a choice, would gladly pay a little more if we knew the exact source of our steaks, roasts or hamburger meat. While “cut of beef” ranks highest among steak traits, 63% of survey participants say they would love to purchase source-verified steaks over meat with unspecified sources. Makes sense – everyone agrees it would be optimal to know where their food is coming from. If you’re going to buy beef online from a large steak purveyor, how can you possibly be certain of the source?

Let’s face it, selecting meat quality for your family shouldn’t be a guessing game. That’s why Ozark Prime Beef showcases each local farmer in our network so you know their location, history and farming methods. Yes, there is a label to tell you organic, grass-fed, farm-fresh, all natural, etc. – but the reality is, we trust people, not packaging to know how good our food really is. If you know how the animals were raised, fed, and processed, you can feel far more confident about feeding your family. 

While you can buy meat from local producers at a farmer’s market, a big drawback is that producers cannot butcher meat themselves and most of it comes frozen. This means less flexibility around cuts and overall uncertainty for constant availability from the same farmer. Ozark Prime Beef allows you to buy beef online by selecting from “chapters” offered by each individual farmer.

Beef Online Ordering Benefits

When you order beef online vs. from the supermarket, you take back control of what you feed your family. The majority of meat in supermarkets comes from “factory farm” raised livestock. There are 257,000 of them in the U.S. and the production process concentrates large numbers of animals in small, confined places where they are forced to live in unhealthy conditions. To combat that, they’re given antibiotics, hormones, de-wormers, growth-promoting drugs and other medicines to help them quickly reach harvest weight without getting “too sick”. According to a recent USDA Inspector General Report, beef sold to the public was found to be contaminated with 211 different drug residues.

When you order beef online from us, you can review all network producer profiles to select the local farm that most appeals to you. If animals raised in natural environments with free access to water and green grass, tended by caring individuals is of importance, then you’ve come to the right place. Producers list their location, methods, harvest timeframes, price-per-pound, and cutting options for your whole, half or quarter beef. You can also take advantage of a convenient, interest-free “lay-away” payment plan to spread the cost from date of order to date of receipt.

Rather than continue to support the massive industry that puts cheap, low-quality meat on your dinner table while putting your family’s health at risk – support the dedicated, local family farms that respect both their animals and the environment. Keep in mind, when you buy from a small farmer you’re eating exactly what his/her own family enjoys. That peace-of-mind alone is worth a few extra dollars, but if it keeps your family healthier, the value could be significantly higher.

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