Advantages of Bulk Beef

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If you’ve never considered buying a whole, half or quarter beef, you might want to review the advantage bulk beef buys can offer. While it isn’t a feasible option for some, many of us are leaving money on the table by not stocking up and enjoying quality, convenience and cost savings. 

Advantage Bulk Beef Buys Deliver

  • Steakhouse flavor like you just never get from supermarket beef at a price you won’t believe compared to grass-fed beef in stores.
  • Supermarket beef is aged 5 to 7 days and often gassed to keep that unnatural cherry-red color. Ozark Prime Beef is dry-aged for 28 days, so when you buy a quarter or more, you enjoy the same taste and tenderness until the supply is depleted and it’s time to order again.
  • Supermarket beef is not packaged for long-term freezing, and often must be repackaged to prevent loss of quality and taste. One advantage of bulk beef from Ozark Prime Beef is that your meat is professionally vacuum-sealed to go straight from the processor to freezer.
  • In addition to lower price, price consistency is a key element of saving money and one of the biggest advantages of bulk beef buys because you can budget expenses over longer periods of time.
  • Supermarket beef is not as uniform as buying a quarter, half or whole beef. For example, two packages of ground beef that comes from the same source will be consistent in taste, texture, and quality – as well as have a reduced chance of contamination.
  • Contribution to the local economy is a big factor also. Ranchers, processors, and farmhands are all supported when you buy bulk beef.
  • The convenience of having high-quality meat on-hand without making a trip to the store. Instead of deciding what to cook based on what fits your budget, you can select what you have a taste for and grab that cut of meat from the freezer.
  • Online ordering from Ozark Prime Beef takes only a few clicks. You can order from home and not have to pick through the meat counter trying to select the best looking steak or roast or hamburger meat.
  • No confusing corporate or government labels that often have little to add to the quality. All your Ozark Prime Beef is select, choice or premium and tastes delicious.
  • Encourages exploration of new cuts and recipes. Instead of just sirloins and ribeyes, reach for that flank steak or brisket and try something different. We have an entire recipe collection to help you decide what’s for dinner, how to prepare and cook new favorites.
  • You get the soup bones! Whether you love the rich, beef broth you can only get from soup bones – or you just have a large breed of dog in your family – it’s a real treat to get what often cannot be found in the supermarket.

If you don’t have a freezer, but still want to enjoy the advantage bulk beef buys deliver – consider the hot new “cowpooling” trend and get a group of friends, co-workers, neighbors, or family members together to share a quarter, half or whole Ozark Prime Beef. It’s super easy to order, and to divide the awesome box of beef you’ll receive directly from the processor. Folks who have never bought bulk before are often quite pleasantly surprised at how much meat even a quarter yields. 

You’ll be so glad you bought our beef… every time you take a bite.

Advantage Bulk Beef Buys Offer
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