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Feb 2022 Chapter DVR-02 [Choice] SPLIT Quarter

Deer Valley Ranch - Choice Split-Quarters

02/10/2022 | 03/15/2022 (Earliest)

$5.00 - $5.24 / LB

by Deer Valley Ranch

2 Splits Available

  • Because the cuts of meat in the front half differ dramatically from the back half, we evenly divide the cuts between customers ordering a quarter-beef. Beef cuts cannot be customized for "Split Quarters" to ensure both parties splitting the quarter receive equal portions and comparable cuts.  This applies only to split-quarter orders.  If you order a quarter, what you receive is commonly called a “split half" and you may customize the cut preferences.



    • T-Bone Steak 3/4"

    • Boneless Ribeye Steak 3/4"

    • Sirloin Steak 3/4"

    • Round Steak 1/2"

    • Rump Roast

    • Sirloin Tip Roast

    • Sirloin-Tip Steak

    • Chuck Roast

    • Arm Roast

    • Brisket

    • Ground Beef 1 lb. packs

    • Ground Beef 1/4 lb. patties

    • Short Ribs

    • Stew Meat (Tips)

    • Soup Bones


    Due to normal variations when processing beef, an estimate is all that can be provided for how much your order will actually weigh. Split shares are priced per half-quarter @ approximately 62-65 lbs. per share.

Deer Valley Ranch raises cattle the old-fashioned way like generations before us. Our cattle are raised on grassy fields with lots of sunshine, fresh water, and freedom. We offer you and your family the quality beef we serve on our own table – Red Angus beef, with perfect marbling for the flavor beef-lovers crave. Our homegrown calves in this chapter are grass fed and grain finished, natural and dry aged 28 days before being processed.


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