Return Policy

OZARK PRIME BEEF is dedicated to providing high-quality products to our customers. Utmost care is taken when processing every order, and we ask that customers review our beef return policy.

Ozark Prime Beef customers receive perishable products via pickup from local producers, and/or via shipping through common carriers. For this reason, we are not able to accept returns.  Beef products are perishable and cannot be restocked or resold. Please review your order carefully upon receipt of email confirmation when placing your order. If any changes need to be made, email immediately.  Once your order is processed and ready for pickup or shipping, we are unable to change or alter your order in any manner.

If you are not completely satisfied with your Ozark Prime Beef for a valid reason, please contact within seven (7) days of receipt of your order. Our staff will forward your communication to the appropriate Producer to review your reason, address any issues and offer an appropriate resolution to rectify the situation. Resolution may include replacement of the beef item in question, credit towards your next order, or a partial/full refund at the sole discretion of Ozark Prime Beef and/or the Producer.

Please understand that dissatisfaction with beef products based on the preparation or cooking methods used do not warrant resolution.  We may require that you provide photos of the product given we are unable to physically examine items in your order.

Please ensure that the correct delivery address is provided in the event your order is being shipped, as we guarantee delivery to the address provided on your order. Because beef is perishable, we cannot guarantee the condition of the delivery if your address is incorrectly entered. It is critical that any change of address be updated prior to the shipment date. We are not responsible if an address is changed while your shipment is in transit, or if you are unable to receive and properly store the order on the guaranteed delivery date if Ozark Prime Beef was not sufficiently notified prior to the order being shipped.

Most Ozark Prime Beef orders are picked up by the buyer at a local meat processing facility. Should you enter the shipping address incorrectly when placing an order that is being shipped vs. picked up from a local processor, please email immediately for correction.  If you should have to change your shipping address prior to your order leaving the processor, it is your responsibility to update your address prior to the shipment date in writing via email to   Should you require your order to be delivered to a specific location in your building, you must indicate this in the ORDER NOTES section during checkout or email to update the order with this information prior to shipment date.

Orders that may be returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by the customer, or refusal of delivery when shipped according to our terms and conditions, the contents must be disposed and the customer will not be issued a refund, replacement or credit.  If an order is delivered late due to an incorrect address or if the customer is unable to receive the order on the delivery date resulting in thawing or damage, the customer will not be refunded and the order will not be replaced at no cost.

Beef Return Policy if Damaged by Shipping Carrier:

Ozark Prime Beef guarantees that your order will arrive in excellent condition when delivered to the address entered on your order and received on the guaranteed delivery date.

We realize that it is impossible to expect that every delivery will arrive on time and without issue, delays or damage once the package is in transit via the carrier. Some situations are out of our control or that of the carrier due to weather, accidents, etc. Should damage to your order be caused by improper handling or late delivery, a claim will be filed by Ozark Prime Beef and we will replace the shipment if we are notified via email at within seven (7) days of receipt. The customer must provide a description of the damage, and a photo(s) of the order in the state it was received.  Photos are required in order to show proof of damage when filing time-sensitive carrier claims, so please help us manage any unfortunate situations of this nature.

Beef Return Policy for Damage Un-Carrier Related:

Should damage occur during shipment that is not carrier-related, we ask that you please email within seven (7) days of receipt. Customers must provide a description of the damage, and a photo(s) of the package in the condition in which it was received.  Your order claim will be reviewed and our staff will work with you to offer an appropriate resolution. Resolution may include replacement of the product in question, credit towards your next order, or a partial/full refund at our sole discretion. We may ask that you provide photos of the product label and issue specifics given we are unable to physically examine items in your order once they have been delivered.

Beef Substitution Policy:

In the event of unforeseen product availability changes, a particular item may be exchanged for another of equal or greater value of the item ordered.  We make every effort to ensure this does not happen often, but we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value in your shipment. Should you have questions regarding specific items received or feel there is a discrepancy, please contact within seven (7) days of receipt.

Payment Plan Use and Cancellation Policy:

We offer a convenient payment plan to help budget your family beef buys which simply spreads the total amount of your order over the time between order date and harvest date. There is no interest charged, so you can rest assured you’ve locked in the price by paying a portion each month leading up to harvest date. An initial deposit is required upon placing your order, and various terms are offered depending upon the timeline for harvest date.

When a payment plan is selected, you are taken to the customer checkout, a fully secure, custom checkout page with the payment plan amount and details listed. You will be asked to enter payment method details, agree to the terms and conditions and type your name in a digital signature box to complete checkout and initiate the payment plan. Automatically scheduled future payments are set and will be timed and automated according to the custom terms of the payment plan. You can have as many payment methods as you’d like on your customer account, so should a credit or debit card expire, you can login and change your payment method. Our payment plans do not require a credit check and accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as ACH bank transactions.

You cannot cancel a payment plan after it has been opened. If you must cancel your order for any reason, the deposit will not be refunded. Any monthly payments received for your share will be refunded with proper notification of cancellation at least 10-days prior to the chapter harvest expiration date.  For cancellation before or after chapter harvest expiration of orders under a payment plan, please contact as soon as possible.